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Forest/Wild Honey!


There are hundreds of types of honey found in Indonesia, one of which is popularly consumed is the type Forest Honey.

Benefits of Honey this forest is said to be better than ordinary honey because it contains

richer and more natural.

Forest Honey is a type of honey produced from Apis dorsata or wild bees

many live in forest areas.

This black honeycomb usually coexists with other colonies, where

in one tree there can be 5-10 Apis dorsata bee colonies.

Apis dorsata bees can only breed in subtropical and tropical areas, incl


Currently, these honey bees are widely spread in several forests on the islands of Kalimantan, Sumatra,

Sulawesi, and the islands of West and East Nusa Tenggara.

What are the forests Honey benefits for human health?

The benefits of forest honey are basically the same as regular honey. It's just that the nutritional content

more concentrated makes its properties for health more beneficial to the body.

Some of the benefits of forest honey that we can enjoy are:

1. Helps increase stamina and immunity

The benefits of forest honey are due to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, especially

on Gram positive bacteria.

2. Increase appetite

This is due to the high fructose and glucose content in forest honey

can act as a stimulant for digestion.

3. Healthy skin

Forest honey is also believed to be able to treat burns, nourish the skin, face and lips.

4. Lower blood pressure

Honey is known as a food that has antioxidant power. According to research,

High antioxidants are proven to be able to lower blood pressure. This condition will also

reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and several types of cancer.

5. Improve cholesterol

Honey is known to improve the quality of cholesterol in the body. Some deep research

National Institute of Health, honey is known to be able to reduce total levels of bad LDL cholesterol

while increasing HDL good cholesterol in the body.

Existing research also shows that consumption of honey can cause a decrease

simple weight.

6. Heal wounds

Since the time of the ancient Egyptians, topical honey has been known as a medicine to heal wounds and


Honey is also known to be the most effective remedy for healing partial burns and wounds

post operation.

Researchers believe that the healing power of honey comes from its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects

contained therein.

7. Help relieve cold cough

Quoted from WebMD, a number of studies have shown that honey can soothe the membranes

which is inflamed and relieves coughs.

In another study involving 139 children, honey, especially buckwheat honey

known to beat dextromethorphan (a cough suppressant) and relieve nighttime coughs in

children and improve the quality of their sleep.

Another benefit of forest honey that is believed by many people is that it can treat rheumatism

and overcome anemia and low blood. However, this claim still needs to be proven further.

Forest honey can be enjoyed by anyone, from children to the elderly.

However, you should not give honey to babies under 1 year of age because

It is feared that it can trigger botulism

The difference between forest honey and ordinary honey

Honey lovers must be aware that forest honey is more expensive than ordinary honey.

This is due to the benefits of forest honey which are claimed to be better than ordinary honey.

In addition, there are other differences between forest honey and ordinary honey, namely:

The bee maker

As mentioned above, forest honey is obtained from the apis dorsata forest honey bee hives.

Meanwhile, honey is usually obtained from livestock bees with various species, such as Apis

cerana, Apis trigona, Apis indica, and others.

Hard to get

Ordinary honey is generally easy to obtain because the bees that make it can be deep bred


This box can also be stored in a room that is not too difficult to reach, making it easier

breeders to take honey in the harvest season.

On the other hand, until now forest honey bees are still difficult to cultivate. Because,

Apis dorsata bees prefer to live in high places, for example hanging from branches

trees, attics, or steep rocky hills.

So, to get forest honey, we have to go up to that high place.

The taste of honey

Normal honey from farmed bees usually tastes very sweet because of the bees

were given additional food supplements in the form of sugar.

Meanwhile, forest honey is obtained after forest bees take nectar from various plants

in the forest so that the aroma and taste become richer and more complex.

Nutritional content

Because the components that make it are more complex, the nutritional content of forest honey will be higher

richer and more nutritious than ordinary honey.

One of the superior ingredients in Forest Honey Is higher antioxidants than

ordinary honey, as well as the content of bee pollen and propolis.

Forest honey is also referred to as organic honey because the environment is still natural and

free from pesticides. This is where the notion emerged about the better benefits of forest honey

from ordinary honey.

Honey color

Generally, regular honey is golden brown in color. While forest honey in general

blackish brown because this honey contains minerals, enzymes, and other substances that

much more than ordinary honey.

However, the level of concentration in each forest honey can vary. Forest honey

Sumatra has a darker color, but is rather watery and contains a lot of bee pollen

so it tastes a bit sour.

In contrast, Borneo forest honey is usually lighter in color, thicker, and tastes sweeter

which is not too sour.

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