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Ginger sugar Ready Stock



Spices and Herbal Medicines


Solid Round



Grade Available

Top Grade

Shell Life

24 Months

Brand Name

Agrocraft Exporter Indonesia


1000 Kg


2.35 $ / Pack

Ginger palm sugar (guljahe)
1 pack contains 10 pieces
Purworejo's traditional drink. Made from the original choice of ginger (ginger emprit - the spiciest ginger), and brown sugar.
Pouch packaging is more airtight, so product quality is better maintained
This herbal ginger sugar is "Home made" Purworejo.
Benefits & Advantages
This herbal ginger sugar is perfect for those who like to catch colds & work in AC rooms, or open or live in cold places (mountains).
Efficacious for:
1. Warms the body.
2. Eliminates rheumatic pain, colds, flatulence.
3. Maintain health, prevention of viruses
4. Increase body immunity
5. Mind stress therapy because of the aroma of spices and ginger which makes you calmer and fresher
The advantages of Herbal Ginger Sugar:
1. It is made from selected quality ingredients and maintains its purity.
2. No artificial sweetener, no coloring & no preservatives.
Feel the warmth after drinking this Ginger Sugar. Prove it...^_^
How to drink:
1. Pour enough hot water into a glass
2. Add ginger sugar 1/2 - 1 piece according to taste (spicy you know), leave for 1 minute.
3. Stir slowly until it dissolves.
4. Drink while warm

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