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Moringa Ginger Herba Drink Ready Stock



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Moringa GINGER

Made from a blend of high quality moringa leaves, ginger,

Processed hygienically without preservatives, resulting in
instant drinks with delicious quality flavors that nourish the body

The benefits of the Moringa Ginger instant drink include

1. Treating Arthritis

Moringa leaves contain anti-inflammatory properties that can
relieve arthritis symptoms. It also contains a wide variety of vitamins and
minerals, including iron, copper, magnesium, and potassium.

On the other hand, ginger contains anti-inflammatory
properties and together it is one of the most effective remedies for treating

2. Prevent Cancer

Several studies have shown that Moringa leaves can reduce
cancer cells because they contain benzyl isothiocyanate. Usually, this leaf is
often recommended for patients who have undergone chemotherapy.

In addition, ginger plant compounds exert a radioprotective
effect on healthy tissue and prevent toxicity concerns in patients.

3. Reducing Cholesterol

Moringa leaves have been proven successful in lowering
cholesterol levels and also helping the body to stay healthy and active. In
addition, ginger can help reduce inflammation and is beneficial for the heart.

4. Treat Headaches

Moringa leaves have been used since ancient times as a
natural pain reliever. Based on this, it makes this leaf very reliable in
treating chronic headaches and migraines.

Apart from that, it can also act as an analgesic and treat
all types of pain. Further, ginger can help relieve migraine symptoms and also
relieve the associated nausea.

5. Reduces Hypertension

Moringa leaves contain components such as thiocarbamate and
isothiocyanate. This can help in reducing high blood pressure in patients. The
presence of ginger in this recipe also helps in lowering blood pressure as it
is a potent anti-inflammatory and blood thinning agent.

6. Calms the Stomach

Moringa leaves contain high anti-ulcer properties that help
overcome intestinal and stomach problems. Moringa also helps improve intestinal
and stomach problems.

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